How Does This Work?

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Please help me support the continued development of this service. It has become quite costly to maintain the site, especially with the steadily growing traffic. :) If you are able to help, I would greatly appreciate it.


You start by creating a task and choosing all your desired settings. Here are some quick tips on creating a task,

After you create your task, simply give the access code to the person you would like to complete it and have them click on "Run Task". Once they have completed or attempted to complete the task, you may click "Verify Task" to see how they did. If an email is specified you will be notifed when someone completes your task (NOTE: Incomplete attempts will not be emailed).

If you forget task access codes, they can be retrieved by clicking on "Retrieve Tasks" on the homepage. Remember that this is only possible if you specified an email address during task creation!

Have fun and I hope you enjoy this service! If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to email me at